Brother James Lynch, O.S.F.

Brother James (Patrick Lynch) was born in Brooklyn on December 4, 1889. He entered St. Francis Monastery on June 5,1914, received the Habit on March 25, 1915 and was professed on March 25 of the following year. After his profession Brother James taught in some of the parochial schools before his assigment to the Math Department of St. Francis Prep. Brither James was appointed principal of the Prep in 1949 and served in this capacity for four years. It was during his administration that St. Francis Prep moved from Baltic Street to North Sixth Street in Williamsburg.vAs principal, Brother was noted for his ability to show consideration to all under his care. He was patient and kind and had a wonderful influence on those under him simply by being present. This very presence seemed to add calmness to any situation. After his tenure as principal, Brother asked his Superiors if he might be left to teach in the Prep. His request was granted and there he served until he became ill a fews months before he died. Brother James never complained of illness and seemed to accept it as part of living. He exercised patience until January 21, 1958 when after thirty-four years of religious life, God summoned him to greater things.