Brother Eugene Dunne, O.S.F.

A native of Tipperary, Brother Eugene (Richard Dunne) was born on March 1, 1876. He entered St. Francis Monastery on November 1, 1893, and was admitted to the Habit on October 4, 1894. After his profession on December 30, 1895, Brother taught in the schools attached to the following parishes: St. Mary's, Sacred Heart, St. Joseph's, St. Charles and St. Anthony's. Later he served as principal of St. Peter's, St. Vincent de Paul's and St. Patrick's Schools. In 1914, Brother Eugene was appointed principal of the newly erected St. Francis Xavier School and until shortly before his death remained at that post where his kindly influence was exerted over succeeding generations of the same families. Brother Eugene was the author of several text-books and served as Community Supervisor of Schools for almost ten years. He was also a member of the General Council and Board of Trustees of both the Monastery and St. Francis College. His death on March 6, 1953 ended a long virtuous and zealous career.