Saturday of the Third Week of Advent

1Sm 1:24-28; 1Sm 2:1, 4-5, 6-7, 8; Lk 1:46-56

A sad commentary on society today is the desperate push for stronger female role models to affect the global culture. We’ve nearly always had them–they’ve just been forgotten or ignored!

Today’s Advent readings are centered on two of the greatest examples of matriarchal strength, faith, sacrifice, vision, humility and grace ever seen.
Hannah and Mary both lived in times of spiritual dearth among their people, nearly 1000 years apart. Other similarities between the two are many, but none more apparent than their canticles showing just how deeply grounded they are in God’s Holy Word.
The palindromic-named Hannah gives up, as promised, her very young son to be of service to the Lord. The boy would grow up to be one of the great prophets, Samuel, and be the catalyst to Israel regaining its faith once again.

Surely Mary knew the story of Hannah. Today’s Gospel reading is also known as The Magnificat and speaks of a life knowing and in relationship with God’s Word, even giving birth to The Logos, bringing God into humanity.
What Mary and Hannah model for us as Women of Grace is what the Catechism says about Scripture: “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ” (Catechism, 133). Let us use this Advent to become fully aware of God’s Word and know the Lord’s Will like Hannah and Mary, two exceptional female role models

Rich Mamolite
Pilgrim, St. Anthony’s HS