I first met the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn in 1956 while I was a freshman at St. Francis College. Immediately, I found the Brothers to be dedicated educators and men of prayer. During my sophomore year, I joined the Franciscan Third Order Secular Fraternity and learned more about St. Francis of Assisi and prayer. As a small college, contact with the faculty and the Brothers was very informal with small groups always gathered in the cafeteria or at the arbor near the Monastery.

It was during one of these sessions with my friends and one of the Brothers that the Brother mentioned that the Brothers are always looking for men to join their ranks. With that though planted, I sought out some of the Brothers and eventually made an appointment during my junior year to see the Brothers' Vocation Director. Arrangements were made for me to visit the Brothers' Novitiate during the summer. I spent a week with the novices and some of the professed Brothers and began to formulate my decision to enter. I continued my studies at St. Francis College and my part time job and on February 2, 1960, I entered St. Francis Novitiate to prepare to be a Franciscan Brother. Of course this is only a part of my journey to Religious Life, which began with the love, prayers, and encouragement of my parents and many others. After over fifty years as a Franciscan Brother of Brooklyn, my journey continues on to answer God's call to be a part of the mission work of Christ.