Is this life for you?
As you discern, through prayer and conversation will you decide to become a Franciscan Brother?

"Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, of acting, of living! It is possible to live differently in the world"  -Pope Francis

When first asked, is this life is for you, many may brush it off or shy away from the conversation. Then God intervenes and places before you many opportunities to pray, listen and look more deeply at the question. And here you are looking at a website; curious maybe, confused - how did i end up here! God works in and through us in many different ways. We invite you to pray and explore and be open to the question "is this life for me?"

And as Pope Francis said during the year for Consecrated life, that those seeking to understand if they have a vocation to religious life to:  “be courageous” dare to discern a religious vocation, to a life lived fully in Christ and in service. “Wake up the World” with your life!

Please contact: Brother Joseph Bach, O.S.F. @ to find out how you can "Wake up the World" by being a Franciscan Brother