Christmas Weekday

1Jn 2:29-3:6; Ps 98:1, 3-4, 5-6; Jn 1:29-34

Those around me know that I am a seeker of God Nods. I coined that term while teaching second graders about their First Communion experience. I wanted to give them a tangible sign of God’s love around them. I would give them examples of getting a hug at just the right time, or someone saying a kind word to you, or someone either in your family or a friend doing a kind deed for you. I explained that God comes to us through each other, we just have to open our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to see them, hear them and feel them. I challenged them to be seekers of God Nods, look for the good, but also BE God Nods to each other and their families.

In the first reading, we are reminded to “See what love the Father has bestowed on us.” God’s love surrounds us at all times. Even in the times it seems that God has forgotten us or we can’t see or feel His love, it is there. It is in those very times that we should become the seekers of the love, the love that comes to us from others in their word or deed, hearing a particular song, or a “consequence” that happens that just cannot be explained. I can look back over events in my life, particularly sad or difficult events and see how God was sending me “God Nods” throughout the experience. I would get in my car and hear a particular song, see a cardinal bird in my path, or a friend would write a thinking of you card. I challenge you to SEE God’s love and goodness in all things, become a seeker of God Nods and watch the Holy Spirit bring you an abundance of God’s blessings! It is then that you, yourself can become a God Nod for someone and see with open eyes that we are all His precious children.

Laura Halter
Pilgrim, Notre Dame HS