Memorial of Saint John Neumann, Bishop

1Jn 3:11-21; Ps 100:1B-2, 3, 4, 5; Jn 1:43-51

Today we learn about the call of Philip and Nathanael. Jesus himself actually sought out Philip. With Nathanael, it was Philip who immediately thought about his friend and wanted to share what he had found with him. Philip was ready and willing to follow Jesus. Nathanael, on the other hand, needed encouragement from his friend.

I have experienced both kinds of calling from Jesus in my own life. There are times when following Jesus is very easy. But there are other times when I find it hard to follow Jesus; when I’m stressed and weary from life’s disappointments. It is in those times that Jesus speaks to me through a friend or a family member. The challenge is to look at life with the eyes of faith so I can recognize those times when Jesus gently calls me through the love of those people in my life who continually lead me to Jesus.

Sarah Strohmeyer
Pilgrim, Notre Dame HS