At first, Francis sought a life of solitude and prayer. Within a few years Francis’ life gave new direction to those he encountered. Francis found that other men of Assisi were attracted to the same vision – to follow Christ and His Apostles. Soon there grew a small community which settled on the outskirts of town near the abandoned church of Our Lady of the Angels. Then St. Francis and a band of eleven followers sought permission from Pope Innocent III to found a new order in the Church. Permission was granted in 1209. Today it is known as the First Order. The Second Order of St. Francis (commonly known as Poor Clares) was founded in 1212 in Assisi when Francis received Clare as a follower of his way of life.
Francis also had an impact on a movement already present among the Christian faithful. These were the “Penitents”; people who were seeking holiness in their daily lives. In preaching a “life of conversion,” Francis attracted many men and women from all walks of life who turned to him for guidance in a life of penance. In 1209, Francis gave a norm of life for these penitents living in the world and in 1221 he collaborated with the Church, which granted them a Rule. In 1289, Pope Nicholas IV approved another version of this Rule. Some of the penitents began to live communal life dedicating themselves to works of mercy; others began to live in remote places as hermits. These groups were known as the Religious of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis.
The history of the Third Order Regular in Ireland dates back to the later part of the 14th and early part of the 15th centuries. These tertiary communities were small communities of clerical and lay Brothers.* In the early 19th century, responding to the request from Bishops in the United States, the Brothers accepted apostolic works outside if Ireland. Franciscan Brothers traveled to the United States from Ireland to minister as teachers and established permanent foundations in Loretto, Pennsylvania and Brooklyn, NY. The Brooklyn foundation became the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn.


*Adapted from a work by Fr. Michael Higgins, T.O.R.



1858 : A Decade of Beginnings

The first two Franciscan Brothers to respond to the invitation of the bishop of the newly formed Diocese of Brooklyn ...
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1868 : A Decade of Expansion

During their second decade, the Franciscans expanded further.  They undertook the administration of 5 more parish schools in Brooklyn.  Brothers ...
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1878 : A Decade of Taking Root

The Franciscan Brothers became more firmly rooted in Brooklyn during their third decade as they undertook 3 more parish schools ...
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1888 : A Decade of Growing

The fourth decade began with the purchase of property on Centerport harbor on Long Island. This became Mount Alvernia and ...
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Pope Leo XIII

1898 : A Decade of Crisis

There were no new undertakings in the fifth decade as the Brothers dealt with internal tensions.  From its beginning, the ...
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1908 : A Decade of Regrouping

The Bishop of Brooklyn oversaw the re-stabilization of the Brothers by appointing the Superior as his Vicar.  The issue of ...
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1918 : A Decade of Calm

1918 began with the ending of World War I and became a decade of calm for the community.  There were ...
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1928 : A Decade of New Life

New life in the community enabled the Brothers to purchase property in Smithtown, NY for a novitiate.  A few years ...
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1938 : A Decade of Holding On

The ninth decade of the Franciscan Brothers was marked by World War II.  Once again, growth and expansion stopped.  Institutions, ...
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1948 : A Decade of Movement

With new growth, the Brothers moved their novitiate to Wyandanch, Long Island.  St. Francis Prep moved to North 6th St ...
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1958 : A Centennial Decade

The centennial decade of the Franciscan Brothers was one of rapid and unparalleled growth.  The novitiate moved to the beautiful ...
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1968 : A Decade of Renewal

The Brothers convened an Extraordinary Chapter of Affairs in 1969 to respond to the mandate from Vatican Council II for ...
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1978 : A Decade of New Ministries

As the renewal process continued into the 1980s, more Brothers undertook pastoral and social service ministries in a variety of ...
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1988 : A Global Decade

The Franciscan Brothers’ 14th decade began with Pope John Paul II’s establishment of the Congregation as an Institute of Pontifical ...
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SAHS Chapel

1998 : A Millennial Decade of Celebration

The Franciscan Brothers’ 15th decade included the acceptance of new ministries in the Dioceses of Cape Girardeau, MO and Paterson, ...
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2008 : Waking up the World with the Joy of the Gospel

 With the start of the Brothers’ 16th decade, the Franciscan Brothers have joyfully welcomed a new Pope and join him ...
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