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Franciscan Federation

The Mission of the Franciscan Federation is to promote the exploration, study, and celebration of Franciscan Evangelical Life.


International Franciscan Conference of the Sisters and Brothers of the Third Order Regular The IFC-TOR promotes genuine communion within and among the Institutes of the Third Order Regular throughout the world, by fostering Franciscan life and spirituality in harmony with the spirit and content of the Rule and its fundamental values which are based on the Gospel and in accordance with the teachings of the Church. http://www.ifc-tor.org

Franciscan Action Network

The Franciscan Action Network (FAN) is a grassroots, faith-based civic engagement organization whose mission is to bring a coordinated and effective voice to matters of justice, peace and care for creation.



Franciscan International

Franciscans International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) at the United Nations. It is an international ministry of the entire Franciscan movement.



Franciscans for Justice

We seek to live the Gospel in the 21st century in the spirit of St. Francis by our witness to God’s love for us today. We do this through our daily choices, our participation in community, and in our engagement with society.


Religious Life


Religious Brothers Conference

The RBC was founded as NARB (National Assembly of Religious Brothers) in 1972 and remains the only service organization devoted exclusively to promoting the vocation of the Religious Brother. The RBC began as a project of the Brother’s Group of the Mission Secretariat in 1962.



Conference of Major Superiors of Men

CMSM serves the leadership of the Catholic orders and congregations of the more than 17,000 vowed religious priests and brothers of the United States, ten percent of whom are foreign missionaries.



CMSM Year for Consecrated Life 2015

The Church is blessed with remarkable variety among the consecrated men in the U.S. In fact, there is so much diversity in the different kinds of communities, ministries, and characteristics of male religious that learning more about consecrated life for men can be overwhelming. We invite you explore consecrated life in three ways: by learning more about consecrated men, discovering the different charisms in the Church, and by looking at some of the religious communities in the U.S.



Institute on Religious Life

The Institute on Religious Life (IRL) promotes and supports the growth, development, and renewal of the consecrated life – particularly vowed religious life – as a gift to the Church and an evangelical witness to the world.


Religious Brotherhood

This new website shows the marvelous light that radiates from the important vocation of the Religious Brother in the life and mission of the Church. By providing information and inspiration to viewers, we hope to encourage many young men to consider this most important vocation.


Roman Catholic Church


The Vatican www.vatican.va

Diocese of Brooklyn www.dioceseofbrooklyn.org

Diocese of Rockville Centre www.drvc.org

Diocese of Paterson     www.patersondiocese.org

Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau www.dioscg.org

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